Fasten easily.

    Fasten firmly.

    Fix master is an easy option for fastening. A wide assortment of fasteners allows for versatile attachments to wood, metal and concrete. Fix Master is safe. Tested and proven products meet the requirements of professional use.

    You find the Fix master fastening products at your nearest dealer.

    This site helps you find the right product and offers technical information, hints and examples of using Fix master products. Find the right product by choosing your fastening environment below.


    Fasteners for wood construction

    • Terraces
    • Planking
    • Battening
    • Studding

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    Fasteners for metal joints

    • Sheet metal fastening
    • Metal roofing and façades
    • Bolted joints
    • Machine screws
    • Sheet roofing screws

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    Building boards

    Fastening of board materials

    • Gypsum board
    • Wooden boards
    • Rock material plates
    • Interior panels
    • Wind shield boards
    • Façade boards

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    Anchoring fasteners

    • Fixcon concrete screw
    • Snake fastener
    • Fix master FIT chemical anchors
    • Fix master Toge concrete screws
    • Fix master MKT wedge anchors

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