Read these tips before installing heavy furniture on walls

Did you buy a new flat screen TV, cabinet or some other furniture you want to mount on the wall? Before you start drilling holes in the walls, you should find out if the walls are made of gypsum board, concrete or wood.

In addition to the wall material, the weight of the object to be fastened is also important. A light picture loads the fastener less than, for example, a bookcase. The same fasteners work on a variety of surfaces, and when properly fixed, your walls remain intact. Considering these tips you mount objects on any wall safely and without damaging the walls.

  1. Gypsum board wall

A low-power drill with a standard drill bit is suitable for making holes in the gypsum board. However, it is difficult to attach usual screws to a gypsum board wall, so if you want the object to be fastened securely, use appropriate plugs and anchors for gypsum.

  1. Wooden wall

For example, if you attach shelves to a wooden wall, it is advisable to use screws for fastening. Select the screws according to the type of wood and use a cordless screwdriver for fastening. When hanging paintings or mirrors, a nail is enough.

  1. Stone wall

Stone walls require an effective impact drill with a drill bit with a hard metal tip. Six-mm fastening plugs are suitable for brick and concrete walls, but when installing heavier fittings, you should choose plugs that are a few millimetres bigger.

Tips for fastening

  • You can find out the wall material by tapping it. For example, a gypsum board is recognised by a hollow sound, while concrete is almost silent.
  • Before you start drilling, make sure there are no water or gas pipes or electrical wires inside the wall.
  • Always drill holes perpendicularly. You can use a magnetic miniature builder’s level on top of the drill.
  • Clean the hole with a vacuum cleaner if the hole is at least five millimetres longer than the plug.
  • Consider how much the furniture you want to install and any items you plan to place on it weigh together, and then choose the number of fasteners accordingly.