Concrete screw Fixcon – Zinc electroplated

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  • For attaching to concrete, natural stone and solid brick

Concrete screw Fixcon

Quick installation saves time and effort

The FIXCON concrete screw is an installation friendly way to attach metal, wood and building boards to a concrete base.

For attaching you do not need a predefined installation torque, so there is no need for a torque wrench. In this way, installation is quick and unambiguous, reducing installation errors and a reliable joint
are easy to do.

A joint formed with a concrete screw can be opened and the fastener can be used again.

The good load carrying capacity and high pullout values of the concrete screw correspond to the level of a chemical compound. Because there is no curing time, the joint is immediately loadable.

A joint made with FIXCON concrete screws is neat.

Small edge distances with a concrete screw

Because an installed concrete screw leaves the base material in an undisturbed condition (no transverse stress in concrete). This makes small edge distances possible as well as small spacing between fasteners.

FIXCON Concrete screw works!

Tested in Finnish conditions by the Building Engineering Department of Tampere University of Technology, and the results can withstand even the most demanding comparison.

See the pullout test results for FIXCON Concrete screw here!

Pull-out test results (in Finnish)

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