Farmer screw – Zinc electroplated+painted

  • For fastening roofing and wall sheets (max. 2×1 mm) outdoors.

Farmer screw – Zinc electroplated+painted

High quality zinc plating and polyester powder coating provide good protection against corrosion.

The non-brittle EPDM rubber seal in the aluminium washer makes the screw tight.

The hardened sharp or drilling point easily penetrates the sheet metals to be fastened.

Lengths 25, 28 and 38 are intended for fastening through the bottom of the profile plate corrugation while the other lengths are for fastening through the top of the profile.

The consumption is about 7 screws/square meter of board to be fastened.

For installation, use an AV 8 mm spring nut bit in your screwdriver.

The technical features of the roofing sheet screw have been thoroughly tested: ETA 10/0047


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  • Zinc electroplated
  • Painted
  • Hex head
  • Sharp point