Snake fastener – Fibre-glass reinforced nylon

  • For attaching to concrete, natural stone and solid brick

Snake fastener

6×40 Fibre-glass reinforced nylon

Installation into concrete, brick, natural stone, lightweight concrete or LECA block
You fasten, e.g.

– Barrier boards (plinth board)
– Edging strips
– Metal profiles
– Sheet metal frames
– Cable and wire housings


Quick installation right through:
Drill a hole Ø6 mm (min. 60 mm) and hit the Snake fastener through the piece to be installed. In lightweight concrete and building blocks drill Ø5 mm.
snake kiinnikkeen asennus

Application conditions All indoor and outdoor spaces -40° – +100° C. DOESN’T RUST!
The installation is disassembled either by drilling the head or, e.g. by cutting with a chisel.
Snake purku
Shearing load max. 30 kg
Snake kuormitus

Snake kiinnike

  • Fibre-glass reinforced nylon
  • Quick installation