Wedge anchor Fix master MKT B Option 7

  • For attaching to concrete

Wedge anchor Fix master MKT B Option 7 

Non cracked concrete
Concrete hardness: C20/25 – C50/60

The tested wedge anchor B with European Technical Assessment, Option 7, is ideal for time-saving through fastenings in non-cracked concrete. Its two effective anchorage depths make it very flexible, reducing contacts with reinforcements when holes are drilled. The long thread also makes stand-off fastenings possible. The hot dip galvanised version is also included in the European Technical Assessment.


• Approved for use in non-cracked concrete
• Very high load limits and small spacings and edge distances
• Two effective anchorage depths for greater flexibility
• The smaller effective anchorage depth helps to reduce drilling and installation time
• The standard effective anchorage depth is suitable for fastenings
under the highest load limits and small spacings and edge distances
• Particularly cost effective: shorter lengths with only one (smaller) anchorage depth
• Suitable for surface, through and stand-off fastenings
• All sizes covered by the European Technical Assessment are assembled with a stainless steel expansion clip
• Fire tested for fire resistance ratings F30–F120
• US approval (FM) for the installation of sprinkler systems
• An impact head protects the thread from damage when it is driven into the drilled hole


Metal constructions, channels, brackets, supports, hand rails, cable trays, ducts, shelf bases.

Approvals and certificates

Example of installation depths

Wedge anchor Bs

  • Zinc electroplated
  • Acid proof A4

Wedge anchor B

  • Zinc electroplated
  • Acid proof A4
  • Hot dip galvanised