This is how you get the squares meters of a small flat to use

The furnishing of small flats often requires ingenuity and creativity to make all the square meters useful. The best way to get everything you need to fit into a small home is to come up with smart storage solutions and get convertible furniture with multiple uses. Convertible furniture can often also be hidden if necessary, and in this way you save floor space.

Practical storage solutions

In a small flat, you should also use the space in the vertical direction. Bookcases and cabinets up to the ceiling can contain a lot of stuff, but require little floor space. However, all shelves and cabinets should be attached to the wall to avoid accidents. The higher the shelf, the more important it is to take care of attachment. It depends on the material of the wall whether you can use screws only or screws with plugs for fastening.

If your flat is small but high-ceilinged, consider building a platform. A bedroom on the platform is not only stylish but also practical as you can hide a lot of stuff underneath it. Also, building a loft is a great space solution for a small home if the room height is at least 2.9 meters. The space under the flock can act as a cloakroom, which can be conveniently hidden with curtains.

Convertible furniture saves space

The best space savers in a small flat are furniture that has many different uses. Convertible furniture grows, shrinks, or forms different ensembles. A familiar example is a living room sofa bed that can be opened up as a guest bed. Likewise, a trunk on the floor can serve as a coffee table and storage place for blankets and pillows.

A convenient solution for a small flat is a dining table that can be opened for example for parties. For those who work from home a folding workstation on the wall is a convenient solution. When the table is folded up, the papers and the computer are out of sight.

The smaller the flat, the more important it is to consider space-saving storage and interior solutions. With easy tricks, even the smallest home can be made to look bigger than your squares metres.