Start planning the spring repairs well in advance

Spring is often the best time to make exterior repairs when the weather warms up and the days become longer. It is advisable to repair the surfaces of the house and other outdoor structures in the early spring if they are in need of repair. When you do maintenance and repairs on time, you can enjoy the summer without care.

Here are three repair projects that should be handled before the summer.

Exterior painting

The exterior painting season starts as soon as the appropriate weather arrives, i.e. when there is enough light and the air is dry. The summer weather in Finland is unpredictable, so if the summer is rainy, the house may not be painted. That is why painting work should be done as soon as the weather permits.

It is worth remembering a few basic things when painting the exterior of a house or cottage. The surface to be painted must be cleaned as the paint does not stick to a dirty surface. If some of the boards are rotten, they must be replaced with new ones before painting. Other important things are choosing the right paint and good tools.

Roof maintenance

You should check the condition of the roof at least once a year, and spring is the best time for it. When checking the roof’s condition, pay particular attention to the inlets and other points where extra sealing is required. Just a worn out look is not yet a message about the necessity of roof repair. Therefore it is advisable to check whether the indoor air quality has deteriorated or if there is a musty smell in the house.

Roof maintenance includes among other things painting and coating of sheet metal roofs, and repairs to felt roofs and other roofs. By doing roof maintenance regularly you can postpone many years the actual roof repairs and prevent any costly repairs.

Building and maintaining a terrace

The terrace season comes sometimes surprisingly early, so start building or maintaining the terrace right in the early spring. A wooden terrace and wooden outdoor furniture require maintenance every two years to stay in good condition. Maintenance work includes repainting wooden terraces and their surface treatment. Oiling the wood surfaces boosts the appearance of the terrace and protects the wood from sunbeams.