Take these five things into consideration if you dream of building a detached house

Many people dream of building a detached house just to suit their own tastes and needs. Also the price per square meter will usually remain reasonable even if the purchase price of the site is added to the cost. Often, however, building a detached house consumes more time and nerves than expected, and things don’t always go as expected. If you plan the building project carefully, you can spare yourself a lot of trouble.

  1. Check the suitability of the site

A building project always starts by finding a suitable site. Only after that you can start to consider a suitable house model. The site must be suitable for the planned house in terms of the applicable regulations and its cardinal directions.

  1. Create a realistic budget

Before starting the construction work, you should plan the project from start to finish. Only then you can estimate the construction costs of the house and the yard. You should be realistic with the costs. The budget must also allow for any unexpected events.

Often a finished house package is chosen from a house factory catalogue. The price of a house package is usually only about one-third of the entire project. Two-thirds of the budget goes to materials missing from the package, foundations, pipe and electrical installations, construction site costs, and interior decoration. In addition, the site itself is a separate expense, and it may also be necessary to carry out earth-moving work

The house can also be built from so-called long goods. In this case, the building materials are ordered directly to the site, where they are handled, processed and finally installed. The option is suitable for those who want to be involved in the project with their own hands or who have, e.g. a relative mastering the art of building. Building from long goods can save you money, but savings depend on your own work input.

  1. Turn to the professionals

Building your own house is one of the biggest investments in your life. Therefore responsible and professional actors should be involved in designing and implementing the house. The house is usually designed by an architect, in addition to which the services of a structural engineer, HVAC designer and a surface water designer for the yard are required.

  1. Put effort in a functional floor plan

Builders of a detached house often have a vision of the home of their dreams. For example, they know what kind of a kitchen or living room they want. With the help of an architect, a functional floor plan can be made that takes into account both practical and aesthetic desires.

  1. Start planning your yard on time

It can take a surprising amount of money to build a beautiful and functional yard. At least 10% of the total building budget should be allocated to the yard. When building your house, you should consider what supplies or materials can be used to build the yard.

For example, excavation of the foundations may leave material that can later be used in yard construction. The excavator excavating the foundations of the house can be used to work the yard, so you won’t need to be order it again. By planning in advance you save both money and effort!